AutoPlay Feature in Pokies

by James Smith |
Date of Publishing: 05/07/2023

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This article will provide a brief overview of pokies and an introduction to the autoplay feature, the advantages and possible disadvantages of using an auto-play feature. 

We shall also discuss how to use auto-play responsibly and when to turn the autoplay function off to go back to manual play.

Also, we shall include some examples of popular online pokies with an auto-spin feature to give you an idea of how it works in practice. 

A Brief Overview of Pokies

Worldwide, brick-and-mortar casinos remain popular, although online gambling has seen a significant increase in popularity as more people enjoy the convenience of playing online pokies.

Gambling was introduced to New Zealanders in the 80s, and by 1988, electronic gaming machines could be played in land-based casinos, game clubs, hotels, and Returned Servies Associations.

It was not until 1994 that one of the most respected online gambling software developers, Microgaming launched online slots in New Zealand.

*Video slot machines were often set alongside video poker machines. After some time, players started to call all the games in the area ‘pokies’., and the name stuck!

Today, around 82% of New Zealanders enjoy a bet or wager. Off and online pokies provide one of the most popular forms of gambling, especially when a large progressive jackpot is available.

Also, we can play whenever and wherever we happen to be, and today creators are developing more immersive games with a host of special features like bonus games, free spins, and an auto-play function. 

Compared to gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino, you can choose from a wide variety of online pokies themed in just about any genre. The choice of pokies games is enormous because the online casino does not have to pay for floor space.

An Introduction to The Autoplay Feature

When you play pokies, you will notice that most have an auto-play feature tool. This section will also include the following:

  • The definition of autoplay.
  • How the autoplay feature in pokies works.

What is The Definition of Autoplay?

The auto-play function is simply another feature of many online pokies. When in auto-play mode, you allow the computer to play a named number or reels spin.

Using the auto-play function relieves you from constantly hitting the pay button as the game plays through automatically. Therefore, autoplay saves time.

Auto features are designed to make games convenient and easy to play.

How Does The Autoplay Feature in Pokies Work?

The autoplay feature in pokies is a simple process to trigger. You can find the auto-play button on your pokies screen, typically on the right.

  • Some online pokies have a basic version of the auto-play feature tool. In these games, you hit the auto-spin feature to start, and auto-play will be on until you cancel it.
  • Another version of auto-play mode lets players select how many reels spin they want. Once all spins are complete, the game stops.
  • Yet another version of auto-play mode allows you to set some limits. Players can choose the highest amount of money that can be lost or won. These games usually let players set a time limit for their gameplay too. 
  • Most online pokies during bonus rounds switch to manual play for any free spins round or other bonus games. However, some developers offer the option to manually use the spin button or let bonus rounds play through automatically. 
  • Some pokies games have many auto-play features. Players can control every part of their gameplay with this online pokie game. 

In this auto-play mode, players can choose the number of one-time winnings (or losses), and when they appear on the reels, the auto-play function will pause and wait for instructions on how to proceed.

Also, with the maximum autoplay function, several options are available at the start of various bonus features, so check what is open to you before you start to play.

Please Note: Playing online pokies using the autoplay feature does not affect the game’s outcome. Hitting the auto-play button does not affect your online pokie game’s RTP (return to player percentage).


What Are The Advantages And Possible Disadvantages of Using an Auto-Play Feature?

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you play an online pokie game, it will have an auto-play feature tool.

Therefore, setting sensible limits and recognising when to stop auto spins is important. 

Below we have listed the major advantages and disadvantages of using the auto-play feature.


  • If you are looking for an online pokie game where you rely more on the computer and less on your skill, then the auto spin feature is for you. Using an autoplay feature creates a more streamlined game where you have to do very little (except choose your settings) before play commences. 
  • Auto-play saves time. We all lead busy lives, and being able to continue playing if something else gets in your way is very convenient. 
  • Auto spins are also convenient for increasing your hourly reels’ spin. On average, you will manage about 600 spins each hour when manually hitting the spin button. The auto-play function increases the number of hourly spins substantially. 

Using the auto-spin feature means you can win money without playing. The autoplay function is regularly hit by players primarily interested in trying their luck rather than for the sheer entertainment value of online pokies.


  • You cannot use any particular betting strategy in autoplay, as the computer is spinning the reels for you.
  • In auto-play mode, the computer will make more spins than you can do manually. Auto-play may lead you to overspend, so you must know how to manage your bankroll effectively*.
  • Using an autoplay function can take the excitement out of your gameplay. If you enjoy the excitement and thrill the modern online pokies offer, there are better ideas than hitting the auto-play function. Autoplay bypasses some gameplay features and animations, so you will not be treated to the full gaming experience.

*you must use autoplay responsibly and know how to manage your bankroll. Remember to take regular breaks from gaming, set time and spending limits, never chase losses, and know when to shut down your computer (or mobile device) and walk away.

Examples of Pokies With The Autoplay Feature

Rainbow Riches

As possibly one of the most popular online pokies, Rainbow Riches (created by Barcrest) has an Irish theme that includes those tricky leprechauns and, of course, the fabled pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 

Rainbow Riches has three bonus rounds, besides other special features. The online pokies also have an autoplay function that allows players to choose from 10,50, 100 or 200 reels spin when they hit auto spins. 

However, spins stop if a bonus round is triggered (one of three). 

Gonzos Quest

Created by NetEnt, Gonzos Quest has exceptional graphics and follows the story of Gonzo, the conquistador searching for Eldorado, the lost city of gold. 

Based on the culture of the Incas, the game begins in earnest after Gonzo steals a treasure map and starts his journey (taking you with him). 

As well as free spins that include a free falls feature round and multipliers, Gonzos Quest can be played using an auto-play function. 

Most NetEnts online pokies have an autoplay function, and Gonzos Quest is no different. You must set your betting limits and then select how many times you want your computer to spin for you. 

You can also choose under what circumstances you want the auto-play feature to stop. For instance, if you win or hit the free falls special feature. 


Suppose you are an experienced online pokies player with a particular betting strategy. Using the autoplay feature will appeal to your type of gameplay as you can have your games played for you until you can multi-task whilst playing. 

However, regularly using auto spins would mean you must have a large bankroll, as the cost of games can add up quickly. 

For those players who are playing online pokies for fun and excitement, the autoplay function will likely not appeal. 

It’s all down to personal choice. 

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