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Play European Roulette at Fruity King NZ

If you love roulette, especially European roulette, you have come to the right place, as you can play the best European roulette games at Fruity King NZ. Get your $100 welcome bonus to start experiencing the most popular European roulette. 

American roulette and French roulette games are also available at Fruity King NZ, although this article will discuss European roulette thoroughly. 

We shall also discuss:

  • How to Play European Roulette
  • The Rules of European Roulette
  • The Difference Between European Roulette and American Roulette
  • Whether You Can Play European Roulette on Mobile


We shall also provide a quick-fire European Roulette FAQs guide.

How to Play European Roulette?

If you still need to become a registered member of Fruity King NZ, this is the time to sign up and navigate to our roulette games in our lobby. Once there, choose a European roulette game from our selection of popular European roulette supplied by the best online gambling software providers today. 

Once you have chosen which roulette games suit your style the best, then it is time to head over to the cashier to make your deposit. Remember to claim your welcome bonus, which will add casino money to your bankroll and a generous amount of free spins on the Egyptian-themed pokies game, ‘Book Of Dead’.

  • You need to be logged in to deposit at Fruity King NZ. 
  • Hit the ‘Cashier’ icon and then the ‘Deposit’ option.
  • Choose your preferred deposit method from the popular range of banking options.
  • Once you have completed the form relevant to your choice, hit ‘Deposit’, and you will be charged using your choice. Monies will directly go into your Fruity King NZ account. 
  • You will receive an email that lists your transactions with Fruity King NZ.

If you need help deciding which European roulette pokies to play, try the demo mode first. Playing in demo mode helps you to learn the rules of European roulette and gives you the ‘feel’ of the game before committing any of your real money.

The Rules Of European Roulette

Knowing the rules of European roulette before commencing play will go a long way to enhancing your gameplay. 

This section will briefly cover how to play European roulette, the aim, bets and odds.

The Aim of European Roulette

The whole aim of European roulette at online casinos or a physical venue is to guess where the roulette ball will land after the roulette wheel stops spinning.

While playing European roulette, many people will try a favorite strategy that can be as simple as betting on a significant other’s birthdate or trying one of the popular betting strategies like the Fibonacci or Martingale betting systems.

Whichever you choose, remember, the outcome of American and European roulette or French roulette is mostly down to lady luck.

European Roulette Bets and Odds (Payouts)

Bets are made using the roulette table until “no more bets” is called by the roulette croupier. When you play roulette online, there is no croupier, so there is no time limit) whilst making your wagers.

At Fruity King NZ, each European roulette pokies you play will include the available rules after you join our site.

Our roulette games include video pokies and live European roulette (there is a separate article about our live casino games). 

How to Make a Bet When Playing European Roulette?

  • When playing roulette online, select your chip size to bet with. Next, you should place your chips on the bet that you want to make. 
  • Bets are made on the roulette table layout, arranged into two sections. 
  • At your online casino, the roulette table is arranged into two sections where you can make inside bets and outside bets. 
  • After you finish betting, it’s time to spin the European roulette wheel. Online roulette has no time limit; hit the ‘Spin’ button that releases the ball onto the virtual roulette wheel. 
  • After spinning, the roulette wheel will eventually stop, and the virtual ball will land into a slot on the roulette wheel. Every roulette game outcome that Fruity King NZ provides (except for the live roulette games) is determined by a Random Number Generator that is regularly tested for its fairness (you can hit the clickable link at the footer of our page to verify our certification*.

*A Random Number Generator (RNG) is the advanced software determining our electronic game outcomes. It spins the virtual roulette wheels and reels, throws the virtual dice and deals with the virtual cards. Any house advantage (the house edge) is built into the game at the developer stage. Therefore, the RNG ensures every player has the same chance of winning bets.

  • Finally, this is when you keep your fingers crossed during your European roulette game. If you are lucky, you will be paid out, and the next round will start after you have made more bets (after the result).

The European Roulette Table Explained

The roulette table has two sections, the inside and the outside. In European roulette (also known as single zero roulette), the inside area of the roulette table has thirty-six numbered squares, which are coloured either red or black.

The roulette table’s outside section has boxes covering groups of numbers – like odds or even. At the top of the roulette table is a large zero (in the European roulette game).

Although the same roulette wheel is used in French roulette, the roulette table differs as the French one has the numbers grid horizontally across the table. The high, even and black are at the top (so even money outside bets would be placed at the top of the roulette table layout), and the low, odd and red squares are at the bottom.

The European Roulette Wheel Explained

The European wheel is numbered from zero to thirty-six with eighteen red slots and the same number of black slots. The European roulette wheel also contains a single green zero, unlike American roulette, which has an added double zero giving online casinos a greater house edge (sometimes called the house advantage). 

The numbers do not run in order around the European wheel as the sequence balances out high and low numbers, odd and even numbers.

European and American roulette are offered at European casinos, and you should note that the European wheel differs from the American. American roulette has an extra slot due to the double zero, which creates a larger house edge of 5.26% compared to European roulette’s 2.7% house advantage.

The Different Types of European Roulette Bets And Odds (payouts) Explained

Bets are made on any of the squares or combinations of squares. Some players at our site will bet on a significant date, like a loved one’s birthday, whilst others might play their casino game a little differently and try an established betting strategy like the Martingale or Fibonacci betting system.

  • The straight-up is a bet made on one single number and pays out at 35:1
  • The Split bet is when two neighbouring numbers are bet on and pays out at 17:1
  • Line bets (or a double street bet) involve placing your bet at the end of a line that separates two vertical columns. In effect, you are wagering on six numbers. A line bet pays out at 5:1
  • When three numbers are chosen that include a single zero, double zero or both, the bet is called a Trio and pays out at 11:1
  • A corner or square bet is created when four connected numbers form a square. This bet pays out at 8:1
  • The column bet comprises twelve numbers in a line and pays out at 2:1
  • The dozen bet is created by wagering on the roulette table’s first, second, or third grid of twelve numbers. 
  • All low bets are the numbers on the grid one to eighteen and payout at 1:1. 
  • All high bets are created using the numbers nineteen to thirty-six and paid out at 1:1.
  • You can bet on either even or odd numbers, and this bet pays out at 1:1. 
  • You can also bet on either the red or black numbers, and this bet pays out at 1:1.

All outside bets do not contain any numbers and are often called even money outside bets. They have a higher percentage of landing than inside bets but do not offer massive payouts. 

On the other hand, inside bets are made on the inside of the roulette table, and you can choose from all of the numbers betting on a single, a group, a set or a whole block of numbers.

At most European casinos, the call bet is accepted. The call bet is sometimes referred to as an announced bet. This type of bet is only made in physical casinos as the player ‘calls’ what they wish to bet on instead of placing their chips on the roulette table.

Play European Roulette on Mobile

All of our European roulette games are fully optimised for mobile play. All the major smartphones and tablets will offer the perfect gaming experience, meaning you can now play European roulette from anywhere and any time you choose. 

Even if you did lose your connection, today’s games are so advanced that you won’t lose out, so if you did win when online, you will still be paid out. 

Here at Fruity King NZ, we understand how convenience is the name of today’s game, so we like to keep things as simple and entertaining as possible without our customers having to concern themselves with “what ifs”.

European Roulette FAQs

Which roulette games offer the best odds of winning?

European roulette has a lower house edge (house advantage) than American roulette. French roulette has the same house edge (house advantage) as European roulette. 

Why does the house edge (house advantage) matter?

A lower house edge (house advantage) means the return to player percentage (RTP) is greater when the game has been played over time. 

Are there variants of European roulette at Fruity King NZ?

Yes! We supply a wide selection of roulette variants, including multi-ball roulette, speed roulette and, of course, live dealer European roulette. 

What if I need clarification on what European roulette game to play?

All the information you need on all our games is available once registered and logged in to Fruity King NZ. We also offer European roulette in demo mode, so you can try it before committing your hard-earned cash. 

Can I use the bonus money to play European Roulette?

Yes! Once you are logged into our site, made your first deposit, and claimed your welcome bonus, you can use it whilst enjoying European Roulette.